Debem: the new line of pumps and the main innovations


Thanks to the reliability and high quality of the products it produces, Debem has established itself as a leading company in the design and production of pumping solutions and exports its pumps all over the world, guaranteeing the satisfaction of even the most critical and delicate needs of the productive process.

Below we summarize the main success factors.

  • With forty years of experience in the sector, Debem meets the needs of customers from all over the world and is always working on the innovation front to offer unique products on the market.
  • Made in Italy. Thanks to the high patented “Made in Italy” technology, Debem pumps are designed and built to meet industry standards. Each pumping solution can also be customized to meet all production needs and perform fluid handling operations in the best possible way.
  • The pumps are manufactured according to international directives and standards and are sold all over the world.
  • Debem AODD pumps are made with certified, traceable materials and subjected to strict quality controls, following industry regulations.

The new line of pumps for the Food and Pharmaceutical sector

The new line of pumps for the Food and Pharmaceutical sector

In addition to being specialized in the construction and production of industrial pumps for highly problematic environments, Debem has been present on the Food and Pharmaceutical pumps market since 1982. More specifically, Debem has gained a long experience in the field of design and construction of products suitable for handling. of food fluids, even with high viscosity and with solid parts in suspension.

Debem Hygienic Solutions pumps are characterized by a patented operating system, are certified according to the strict regulations of the sector such as CE, ATEX, FDA APPROVED, 3A and MOCA and can be subjected to the main washing and sanitizing processes (C.I.P – S.I.P – C.O.P) .

In particular, the range of products of the new “Hygienic” series consists of different types of versatile, safe pneumatic double diaphragm pumps, capable of efficiently pumping a wide range of liquids, fluids with variable viscosity and with of solid parts in suspension. The pneumatic pumps of the Hygienic range can be used in the following sectors:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Meat and Poultry Industry
  • Pharmaceutical industry
  • Cosmetic and Trichological Industry

A new site full of information

A new site full of information

Debem for the occasion has created a new website dedicated to this line of pumps, where it will be possible to learn more about all the technical specifications and the main advantages offered by the pumping solutions of the Hygienic line.

More specifically, it will be possible to view all the information regarding the following types of pumps:

  • Aisiboxer: double diaphragm volumetric pumps operated by compressed air, mainly used in the Food and Beverage sectors.
  • Saniboxer: double diaphragm volumetric pumps, operated by compressed air, suitable for the Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Trichological sectors.
  • Fullflow: double diaphragm volumetric pumps, operated by compressed air, equipped with special clapet valves suitable for the Food sector (Auxiliary Services).

New sponsorships

Sharing core values ​​such as performance, technology, precision and efficiency, we are proud to announce that Debem S.r.l. will be Official Sponsor of Monster Energy Yamaha MotoGP Team for the next season of the MotoGP World Championship.


Debem offers pumping solutions suitable for the transfer of fluids in the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and hair care sectors.

Contact the DEBEM sales team to identify and investigate the most suitable pump technology to meet your needs.