Tomato sauce pumps: Innovation in the food industry

In the food processing sector, the choice of tomato sauce pumps plays a crucial role in safeguarding the quality, consistency and safety of products during the transfer stages within production processes. Different transfer technologies, and in this specific case tomato sauce pumps, must meet strict hygienic standards to prevent contamination and ensure a safe, high-quality end product. Double diaphragm pumps excel in this domain, providing a solution that amalgamates efficiency, reliability, and adherence to food safety regulations. Engineered to process delicate products like pasta, sauces, and creams, these pumps assure substantial protection against prevalent industry risks while maintaining product integrity.

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Risks in the transfer of tomato sauce

The process of transferring tomato sauce is a delicate operation that involves some significant risks whose understanding is critical to selecting the most appropriate tomato sauce pumps and implementing best operating practices. Here are some of the main risks.

  • Product Contamination: This occurs when bacteria, fungi, or other pathogens infiltrate the product, rendering it unsafe for final consumption. Such contamination can arise from the liquid interacting with unsanitized processing surfaces, cross-contamination from other foods, or exposure to contaminated air. Consequently, the pumps employed must be designed for ease of cleaning and sanitization, preventing any nooks where food residues might gather and deteriorate.
  • Product alteration: canned foods often have peculiar consistencies and can be damaged if subjected to excessive shear forces or improper handling during pumping. Improper handling can alter the structure of the product, adversely affecting its texture, flavor, color, and nutritional value. It is essential that pumps can handle the product gently, preserving its organoleptic and nutritional qualities.
  • Leaks and spills: mechanical failures, wear and tear on pump components or malfunctions can cause product to spill during the transfer process with negative consequences in terms of safety and increased production costs. Leaks can also create wet environments conducive to microbial growth, increasing the risk of contamination.
  • Oxidation: during transfer, the liquid can become exposed to oxygen resulting in the risk of oxidation and alteration of color, flavor and nutritional values of ingredients.

Food operators bear the responsibility of adeptly navigating these risks, a task essential not just for adherence to industry regulations, but more critically, for sustaining consumer trust and upholding brand reputation. The choice of a suitable tomato sauce pump tailored for the food industry becomes a pivotal measure in curtailing these risks.

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Why choose double-diaphragm technology for food canning pumps?

Double diaphragm pumps are a safe and reliable choice for the food canning industry because of their ability to effectively cope with viscous and sensitive food handling operations. The main advantages offered by this type are as follows:

  • Viscous product handling: AODD pumps are particularly suitable for handling a wide range of dense and viscous foods, such as tomato puree, while maintaining product integrity and avoiding the risks of separation and alteration that could compromise product quality.
  • Energy efficiency: diaphragm pumps consume less energy than other pumping technologies. This results in reduced operating costs and optimized performance.
  • Waste reduction: double diaphragm pumps are designed to minimize product loss during transfer, reducing waste and contributing to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly process.
  • Hygiene and regulatory compliance: these pumps are designed with the highest hygienic standards in mind. Their construction allows for easy and thorough cleaning, which is crucial to avoid the risks of product contamination and alteration. In addition, they comply with the most important industry regulations to ensure transfer processes in line with high food safety standards.
  • Reliability and durability: with fewer moving parts and robust construction, double diaphragm pumps are remarkably reliable and have a long operating life, reducing downtime and maintenance costs.

These features enable food fluid pumps to meet the industry’s most important safety requirements and to efficiently handle all liquid transfer operations required by the production process.

Debem's solution for handling canned food.

Debem introduces its AisiBoxer series, a cutting-edge range of hygienic double diaphragm positive displacement pumps, engineered explicitly for the food sector’s demands. Constructed from mechanically polished AISI 316 L, these pumps feature a surface finish finer than 0.8 μm, aligning with the most stringent hygienic standards.

A standout feature of the AisiBoxer series is the innovative Quick Drain System. This functionality enables the comprehensive evacuation of fluids from the pump chambers, a process that can be executed manually, devoid of any specialized tools or equipment. This design ensures the pump is purged of residual particles, priming it for thorough cleansing and sanitation.In addition, AisiBoxer pumps are equipped with special ball valves of eccentric design. Their unique shape, different from ordinary ball valves, allows the movement of fluids containing large solids. The eccentric shape of the valve body prevents the ball from getting stuck during pumping operations, ensuring constant and reliable flow. The balls are available in either AISI 316 or PTFE, both materials offering strength and versatility. These features, combined with ATEX certification, with compliance with FDA and MOCA requirements, make AisiBoxer pumps an excellent choice for conveying liquids and fluids with high apparent viscosity, even in the presence of suspended solids, meeting the needs of various industries with an unwavering commitment to quality and innovation.

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Choosing a Debem double diaphragm pump means choosing a trusted partner who can offer solutions that anticipate the needs of the food industry. Debem’s team of experts is on hand to provide a comprehensive overview of how tomato sauce pumps can be a viable answer to any operational need.