Le migliori pompe alimentari per il settore della carne e del pollame

The best food pumps for the meat and poultry industry

The processing of meat and poultry involves the use of food pumps to support different stages of the production process: from the delicate stages of transporting meat for final consumption to the processing of by-products, including skin, intestines, feathers, blood, heads and other parts that may require maceration and waste extraction.

Pumps can also be used to feed separators for the extraction of by-products such as feathers containing a high source of keratin used in pet food production. Finally, the pumps can be used for cleaning equipment and slaughter plants.

Strengths of Debem food pumps in the meat and poultry industry

Debem’s line of food industry pumps are a viable alternative for all operators in the meat and poultry industry. The main strengths of Debem pumps are summarised below:

  • Heavy-duty applications: Debem pumps can handle highly viscous, shear-sensitive liquids with suspended solids. The pumps are therefore an excellent alternative for heavy-duty applications where liquids are highly viscous (e.g. blood) or with suspended solids (e.g. chicken heads, beaks and feet).
  • Hygiene and safety: Debem pumps are designed to maintain the highest standards of hygiene and safety by using materials certified to major international standards.
  • Main certifications: Debem pumps are certified according to the main food and pharmaceutical industry regulations, including 3A, FDA and MOCA.
  • Design: Debem pumps feature a horizontal hydraulic circuit that preserves the contact of solids with the diaphragms, avoiding shear or friction wear problems and thus increasing the life of the diaphragms.
Le applicazioni di destinazione delle pompe per l’industria Carne e Pollame

Target applications for meat and poultry industry pumps

The dedicated line of pumps for the meat and poultry industry can be used within the following processes.

  • Meat processing.
  • Extraction of waste, offal and blood.
  • Rinsing and removal of hair and feathers.
  • Evisceration of animal parts in collection centers.
  • Separation of waste and by-products (e.g. feathers).
  • Meat packaging.
  • Condiment handling.
  • Handling of oils and fats.
  • Packaging plant waste.
  • Waste pit management.
  • Wastewater management.
  • Plant cleaning operations.

The Debem Solution for the Meat and Poultry Industry

Debem within the meat and poultry industry recommends the use of the FULLFLOW line, a double diaphragm, air-operated positive displacement pump made of mechanically polished AISI 316 L material with a surface finish of < 0.8 μm. All pump features adhere to MOCA and FDA requirements. The pump is particularly suitable for handling viscous liquids where suspended solids up to Ø 45 mm and length up to 600 mm can be found. The pump is equipped with special wide passage clapet valves located on an innovative horizontal hydraulic circuit.

The Debem sales team is available to support any enquiries regarding the choice of the most suitable pump to support the various production stages in the meat and poultry sector.