The line of volumetric compressed air pumps for the food, meat and poultry sectors, suitable for handling liquids and fluids containing large suspended solids.

Certified pumps: MOCA - FDA

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Volumetric compressed air pumps

Aisiflow line

Volumetric double diaphragm pump operated by compressed air and constructed in mechanically polished AISI 316 L with a surface finish lower than <0.8 μm. All the features of the AISIFLOW pump comply with FDA requirements.

This pump is suitable for handling food fluids containing suspended solids up to Ø 45 mm and length up to 600 mm. The pump is equipped with special large-bore flap valves located on a horizontal hydraulic circuit.

Unlike other models on the market which usually have a vertical hydraulic circuit, the AISIFLOW pump preserves the contact between the solids and the diaphragms, thus avoiding wear due to cutting or rubbing and greatly increasing their life span.

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  • Suction / delivery connectionsclamp BS 4825 2”1/2
  • Max flow rate320 l/min
  • Max air supply pressure4 bar
  • Max head40 m
  • Max suction from negative head - dry running3,5 m
  • Max diameter suspended particles45 mm
  • Max particle length600 mm

Horizontal fluid circuit

The unique fluid conveyance circuit differs significantly from those currently on the market. The Debem circuit deviates from the classic vertical concept in favour of a horizontal circuit in which the solids (under the force of gravity) are unable to rise to the pumping chamber and come into contact with the diaphragms. Instead, they remain floating in the pipeline until they are ejected from the pump.

High performance pumps with air consumption optimization particularly suitable for transporting any fluid in the food industry

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Flap valves

The flaps open and close allowing complete passage of the suspended solids and (obviously) the non-return of the fluid itself due to the forced movement position.

VIDEOAssembly instructions
Aisiflow assembly instructions
Aisiflow 251 Operation
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