Debem vegetable and fruit concentrate transfer pumps

The food processing sector of fruit and vegetable processing requires highly specialized pumping solutions due to the presence of some critical factors mainly represented by the delicacy of raw materials, the importance of hygiene and sanitation requirements, and the need for efficient and sustainable processes that minimize risks of failure and product loss.

Les principales exigences du secteur du transfert de concentrés de fruits et légumes

The main requirements of the fruit and vegetable concentrate transfer industry

Fruit and vegetable concentrate fluid handling operations require pumping operations that can preserve product integrity without compromising product quality. Fruit and vegetable pumps must provide gentle handling to avoid destruction of sensitive materials, such as fruits and vegetables, that could be damaged by pressure or shear forces. In addition, production efficiency and adherence to strict hygienic standards are essential to prevent contamination and ensure food safety, in compliance with key health and food regulations.

Les pompes AODD répondent aux exigences de pompage du secteur des fruits et légumes

AODD pumps' answers to the pumping requirements of the fruit and vegetable sector

Double diaphragm pumps are the ideal solution for handling these types of requirements. Due to the special design configuration, these pumps can handle concentrate transfer processes with the following benefits.

  • Gentle Pumping: double diaphragm pumps ensure gentle transfer of concentrates, avoiding mechanical damage to products and preserving their integrity.
  • Precise Control: the ability to finely adjust pressure and flow allows pumping to be adapted to the specific needs of fruit and vegetable concentrates, optimizing the production process to the requirements of the fluid being handled.
  • High hygienic standards: the AODD pumps are designed to meet the highest hygienic standards. Easy disassembly and compatibility with Cleaning-In-Place (CIP) and Sterilization-In-Place (SIP) processes ensure effective and rapid cleaning, reducing the risk of contamination.
  • Efficiency and sustainability: efficiency in air consumption and reduced downtime contribute to a more sustainable production process, with less waste and reduced operating costs.
The applications of a pump for cosmetics industry

Debem's pumping solutions for transferring fruit and vegetable concentrates

Debem stands out in the market for its ability to offer food pumps that perfectly meet the requirements of the fruit and vegetable concentrate industry. The adoption of high-quality materials combined with innovative design ensures superior performance, long-term reliability and compliance with international food regulations. Specifically, the Aisiboxer and Saniboxer solutions, which are ideal for the needs of the industry, offer the following features.

  • High-quality materials: The membranes are composed of food-grade PTFE supported by EPDM that can optimize flow and prevent product deposits.
  • Patented pneumatic exchanger: A unique anti-stall system that provides superior performance with reduced air consumption.
  • Hygienic design: The mechanically polished 316 L steel core body ensures an optimal surface finish to maintain high hygienic standards. Rotatable connections and special support for 360° rotation facilitate washing and sanitizing operations.
  • Advanced Technology: Optical sensors to detect diaphragm damage and “eccentric” profile ball valves for solids passage.
Debem's pumps for the cosmetics industry

Why Choose Debem transfer pumps

Choosing Debem pumps means relying on an experienced partner who specializes in the fruit and vegetable industry market segment. Our deep knowledge and specialization allow us to offer solutions that perfectly meet the needs of an industry where the delicacy of product handling is as important as production efficiency and food safety. Debem pumps are the ideal choice for those seeking reliability, innovation and regulatory compliance in the fruit and vegetable processing industry.